Parrotfish        By Ellen Wittlinger

New York      Simon & Shuster     2007   294p.


TAGS:  Sexual Identity, Realistic Fiction


Angela has known most her life that she really wasn’t happy as a girl.  She always was labeled a “tomboy” but she knew in heart it was more than that and decided to change her gender overnight.  She cut her hair, bandaged her chest, wore boy clothes and changed her name to Grady.  What a shock to her family, close friends and her classmates.  Ellen Wittlinger does a wonderful job bringing to light Grady’s thoughts and feelings of being transgendered and the reaction of those around her.  This is a touching, yet humorous story of searching for one’s identity.  Teens will identify with Grady and be rooting for humankind to win out over cruelty and prejudice.  As with any teen issue, a good author, always includes resources and websites for students who may be looking for answers or help—they are included in Parrotfish. The cover with all the fish in black and white except one will get teen readers to pick it up and give the jacket cover a read—they will be hooked


Quality 5Q     Popularity 5P    Grades:  JS    Lexile:   790



Extending the Reading:  Explore different kind of “isms”  Ageism, Lookism, Sexism, Racism etc.




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