The Clique

The Clique    By Lisi Harrison

New York       Little, Brown and Co.        2004       220p.


TAGS:  Young Adult Series, Realistic Fiction


The hottest series that young teen girls are checking out of the library is The Clique series, so I decided to read The Clique to find out what I was missing.  The first novel starts out with four very close friends Massie, Alicia, Dylan and Kirsten and how Claire, the new student, is struggling to fit in with them.  These are very fast paced reads that portray everyday life for girls who are definitely in a snobbish clique.  Looking at it from a teen view, perhaps they are intrigued with the girl’s very upscale lifestyle or maybe it is the everyday conflicts that they are drawn to, but this series is very superficial—more like a summer romance series for teens.  Lisi Harrison does a lot of product name dropping in her books which further enhances the cliquish behavior.  This series is very current and trendy with its text messages and instant messaging that helps to tell each girls side of the story.  The trendiness, the girl issues, the occasional boy that comes in and out of the picture are all sure to captivate the young teen readers.  These are quick, superficial reads that are to be read for fun rather than literary value—let’s try and get them to Little Women when this series runs out!  The cover always has a trademark plaid with pictures of girls on the front which will draw the realistic teen girl fiction readers to this series.  These books are all released in paperback which make them very affordable for young teens.


Quality 2Q  Popularity  5P   Grade:  MJS    Lexile:  790

Website:    Really cool website!  



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