Yotsuba &!   By  Kiyohiko Azuma

Houston     AD Vision, Inc.    2005    200p.


TAGS:  Great Graphic Novels for Teens 2008, Manga


Yotsuba&! is a delightful, lighthearted story of a spunky little six year old girl named Yotsuba, that has great adventures in her city.  She is the “Dennis the Menace” of  manga novels.  She asks lots of questions, she is very curious and these attributes often time get her into trouble.  This manga is written in chapters which each tell of a separate adventure with a lesson learned. Lessons like giving and receiving, and the importance of listening. Volume four has her learning how to fish and another experiencing air conditioning at her neighbors.  The expressions on this wide-eyed little girl are priceless and truly help in telling each story.  The art illustrations are wonderfully detailed and fill in what the conversation leaves out.  Upper elementary, middle school students and reluctant readers will love the adventures of Yotsuba!


Quality 5Q     Popularity   5P     Grades:   M




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