The Curse of the Bane

Curse of the Bane     By Joseph Delaney

New York    Harper’s Children Audio   2006    8 hours on CD’s


TAGS:  YALSA Amazing Audio Books for Young Adults 2007, Fantasy


This is the second book in The Last Apprentice Series.  Tom Ward now 13 years old, who is the 7th son of a 7th son, is starting to help rid the county of all the witches, boggarts and ghosts.  He is apprenticing under Mr. Gregory, the county Spook.  This book deals with some business Mr. Gregory never quite finished with and now poses a threat to the entire county.  What could be so terrifying—the Bane! It lives under the Cathedral and is capable of squashing its victims flat and controlling their minds.  If it was only so easy to just go in their and rid the town of the Bane—Mr. Gregory gets caught, Alice the witch and Tom’s one and only friend, is going to be burned at the stake for witchcraft.  The story builds as Tom is now all alone and has to figure out if he can overcome the Bane all by himself.  This audio book is read by Christopher Evan Welch who has a great dramatic voice for a dark fantasy such as this.  The story is moves along at a fast pace so that teens will not want to turn off this audio book until the credits roll.  Each book in this series, The Last Apprentice, will leave the reader wanting more.  There are currently five books out in this series.  The cover is dark and mysterious which will draw teens to at least pick it up and give it a once over.


Quality 4Q    Popularity 4P   Grades:  MJ     8 hours of audio

Website:  Cool website




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