Destroying Avalon

Destroying Avalon   By Kate McCaffrey

Australia      Fremantle Press   2006


TAGS:  Realistic Fiction, Bullying


This is a realistic and tragic story that shows the dark side of technology.  The technology that is meant to allow us to communicate better with anyone, anywhere and anytime can swiftly destroy a person.  This Australian author tells this first person narrative of Avalon, a fourteen year old girl moving from the country to an urban school, a school that almost has more students in it than her last town did.  She was popular, captain of her hockey team and in the swim club in her old school but this new school it was a whole different ballgame!  Somehow Avalon manages to cross a popular clique on the very first day of school and her life become a living hell!  McCaffrey uses text messages and computer messages woven into the narrative to show the struggles and heartache that teens have to deal with today.  This style of writing will be appealing to young adults.  Once Avalon finally finds three friends she finds that they too are often plagued by bullies.  The reader will agonize with the struggles and will hopefully be outraged that this type of behavior exists in the young adult world.  McCaffrey does a wonderful job of throwing the reader right in the middle of this issue, elicits emotions and bares the scars of bullying behavior.  It uses the f- word five times in this book so that I would caution the teen reader before they check this book out.


5Q    5P    Grade:  JS    




 Read-alikes:  The Clique series by Lisi Harrison, Defying the Diva by D. Anne Love, Poison Ivy by Amy Goldman Koss, Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks and White Girl by Sylvia Olsen.




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