Out of the Dust


Out of the Dust    By Karen Hesse

New York       Scholastic Press       1997     227p.


TAGS:  Historical Fiction


This is a wonderfully written historical fiction novel by Karen Hesse that depicts what it was truly like to live day to day in the dust bowl during the depression years.  Written in a journal format it is fast paced and easy to read. Billie Jo’s life is not easy living in Oklahoma’s dust bowl but losing her mom in an awful accident, that leaves her devastated on the inside and out. 


The author’s description are so detailed you can almost feel the grit between your teeth and hear that 15 year old voice of Billie Jo describing what it’s like to get a couple of feet of dirt at your front door.  Billie Jo has the opportunity to weigh running away from the ever failing farm or staying because she knows in her heart her dad’s love might return one day.  Billie Jo’s year long reflection of healing and loving is truly a gem to behold.  Young teen readers will love the format, Billie Jo and history as it unfolds vividly in this novel.


5Q     4P       Grades:  MJ      Lexile:  NP


Awards:  Newberry Medal Winner 1998

Website about author:  http://www.kidsreads.com/authors/au-hesse-karen.asp








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