Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen by Catherine Filbert Murdock

Boston      Houghton Mifflin      2006      275p.

TAGS:  Realistic Fiction, Sports Fiction

Cows, they pretty much do whatever they are directed to do—no real goals, no real communication.  Fifteen year old DJ Swenk most days feels like a cow.  In DJ’s life there is no real communication, she’s bound to farm work that consumes her and she does whatever she’s told, until she meets Brain.  Catherine Murdock, builds a wonderfully dysfunctional family, vivid characters and a story that will make you laugh and cry.  Brian, an only child, a cocky quarterback and the most unlikely person to change DJ’s life has to help on the farm.  In return DJ, a gifted athlete and trainer has to whip his butt into shape so that he can be the starting quarterback for DJ’s rival team.  DJ does a lot of growing that summer and decides she can think for herself.  In fact she is trying out for her school’s boy’s football team and makes it!  This story will have you cheering for DJ as she sorts out who she really is and what she wants out of life.  This book will leave the reader wanting more—so off to the library for the next book “The Off Season”.  

5Q   5P   MJS    Lexile:  990

Author Website: http://www.catherinemurdock.com/index.htm



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