Driver’s Ed

Driver’s Ed by Caroline Cooney

New York:  Delacorte Press

1994    184 pages

Driver’s education is supposed to be serious business but it is not for Mr. Fielding the driver’s ed teacher or for his students Remy and Morgan.  Mr. Fielding is disinterested in the students and is just going through the motions of in car classes–just making sure no one gets into an accident.  Student Remy (she is named after Rembrandt, the painter) and Morgan are upper class teens who decide to take on a challenge—stealing road signs.  Mr. Field hears the kids talking but soon tunes them out.  An older driver takes out Remy and Morgan, who have now fallen for each other, out for a night of stealing signs.  The first two are harmless enough but then they take a STOP sign and the consequences are fatal.  A young mother is killed at the intersection and the dangled web begins.  A web of lies, deceit and fear.  The story is told in alternating chapters by Remy and Morgan.  Cooney does a great job at making this fiction very realistic which will keep teens interested right up to the very end. 


Quality 4        Popularity 5      Grades:  Middle, Junior and Senior High

Website about the Author:

drivers ed


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