Because I Am Furniture

Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

New York:  Viking Press

2009        352 pages

This is gripping realistic fiction about a very dysfunctional family.  Anke is the fourteen year old who has many conflicting feelings.  She wants her dad’s attention but she doesn’t know what that entails—both her brother and sister are being abused by the father.  She craves the attention perhaps even the abuse?  Mom is a bystander in this story.  Anke finds her strength at school and gets a strong voice through her volleyball team.  But is it strong enough to fend off the evils?  Maybe Anke should continue to just blend in with the furniture.  The book is told in free verse and poetry.  It was hard to put down this book—the horrors of it all keep the reader intrigued.  Because the abuse is not only physical but sexual as well (although not described in any detail) this book should be reserved for the high school readers only.  This has an interesting title and book cover that teens will be drawn to.

Quality 4.5    Popularity  5    Grades: High School only

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