The Last Thing I Remember

Charlie West comes to and finds his wrists strapped to the arms of his chair, ankles to the legs of the chair and the chair bolted to the floor.  Blood everywhere—that’s when he realizes that it’s his blood and it appears that he has been tortured!  How can this happen to Charlie a seventeen year old who has a great family, just got a girlfriend and his black belt in karate.  This must be just a nightmare?  The last thing he remembers is……….well he is having a hard time remembering where he has been for the last year!  Andrew Klavan, spins a masterful tale of crime suspense as we follow Charlie West into a world of terrorism, by a group called the Homelanders, against the United States.  This is a the first installment in a new series called The Homelanders.  It is a fast paced, action filled book certain to have a great following.  Guys should love this series!

5Q     4Q      Middle School/Junior High

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