Death by Bikini

Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

New York:  Sleuth Speak

2007  223p.

This is a great mystery novel for middle school students.  It is filled with a murder, spies, CIA and a teen who won’t give up problem solving.

Aphra, a 16 year old teen lives on a tropical island with her dad who runs a resort that rich and famous people escape to-to have privacy.  So Aphra is used to living with secrets all the time.  But this story has a death that Aphra is sure is a murder—but now her dad is keeping secrets and the plot thickens.  The author does a great job at introducing all the possible suspects and setting the plot line.  There is plenty of action and suspense before the climax.  The book has a little romance but now enough to turn away the guy readers!  This is going to be a series so I am off to find Death by Latte!This series is available through Scholastic Books Fairs—so get yourself a copy!

Quality 5  Popularity 5  Middle/Junior High School

Author Website:



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