Three Little Words

Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

New York:  Simon Pulse

2008     304p.

This is a memoir written by Ashley Rhodes-Courter; born to a seventeen year old mother, who was mixed up with bad men, drugs and no family support.  No support from anyone other than her twin sister.  By age twenty she had her third child.  On their way to Florida they got pulled over by the police for no license plates and no valid drivers license and that was the beginning of the end for this young family.  Ashley and her brother get put into the foster care system not always together but over the next nine years was bounced from home to home.  In nine years Ashley was in 14 different foster homes.  A couple good, some okay and a couple that were abusive.

Ashley tells a story that just pulls at your heartstrings.  Then a family finds Ashley and her story gets told.  You will be surprised what the three words are that change her life.  This book will be hard for the reader to put down.

There are a couple of pages that content is mature and I would encourage the reader to get parental consent for middle school.  The story is brilliantly told from a voice that students can identify with! 

Quality 5 Popularity 5  Middle School/Junior High/High School

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