The Crossing

The Crossing by Taylor Joseph

Canton, Michigan:  Four Star Publishing

2008     199p. 

Maria Percz is a 12 year old girl living in a one room meager hut that she and her mom call home.  Maria’s father died when she was just 2 years old leaving them with no regular income.  Maria’s mother Anita walks miles to a market everyday to beg for work and Maria often walks several miles to a farm during the very hot summer months in hopes of getting a day or two of work each week.  This young author does a wonderful job painting the daily life of poverty in Mexico. Maria’s mom become very desperate after several days with no food and does something that causes Maria to be taken in to the foster care system.  Gradually Maria comes to see that there is life out there beyond poverty and she and her mom are given hope.  Taylor Joseph, the author, is 15 teen years old and this is her first novel.  The story is full of struggle and hope that may give young readers another way to look at the United States Immigration issue that we currently face today. 

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