100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards
By N. D. Wilson
New York: Yearling Press
289 pages

Henry, a very timid, 12 year old boy from Boston, is on his way, by bus to Henry, Kansas to live with his Aunt Dotty, Uncle Frank and his three girl cousins. Henry has led a sheltered, protected and sort of dull life up until now. His parents are gone perhaps dead or maybe just kidnapped. After meeting the cousins, Henry is given the attic, to have as his bedroom, and that is where the magic begins. Annoying sounds—knocking and scratching comes from within the wall and Henry decides to tear out some plaster to investigate. He along with his oldest cousin Henrietta begins to tear off plaster from the entire wall and find 99 different cupboards. As they begin to explore what lies on the other side Henry begins to gain some courage as Henrietta’s spunky determination shows him how to be fearless. Some cupboards reveal a sunny spot in another land and some are very dark and scary. Of course Henrietta finds the 100th cupboard first, in a room that had been sealed for many years, and begins a time travel journey through the cupboard to a place where ghosts and witches haunt. Can Henry dig deep within himself and try to save Henrietta? Which of the 99 cupboards should he start with?
This book although started a little slow, has proved to be an exciting fantasy adventure filled with good and evil—a time travel fantasy that you won’t want to miss. This is the first in a series of books written by N.D. Wilson.


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