Dog Whisperer the Rescue

Dog Whisperer the Rescue by Nicholas Edwards
Square Fish: New York 2009
216 p.
Grade: 5th-7th
Genre/Theme: Realistic Fiction

Emily is a an adopted biracial girl
Bobby is her best friend
Zack the white retriever
This is a heartwarming story of a girl and her dog.
Emily keeps having a nightmare that she is drowning—it is so real she wakes up coughing and gagging. The last time this happened when she awoke she was drawn outside to the ocean edge. Here was a severely injured dog. She tried to help him but he was just too big and too heavy. She runs backs to get her parents—they get the dog to the vet but it doesn’t look good. Emily is already too attached to the dog—the thought of putting the dog down is just unbearable—but she and Zack are connected and this is kind of scary to Emily. This story will pull at your heartstrings but has a satisfying ending.


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