Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant
By Derek Landy

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant, a quick witted, sluethful dective and master magician. He takes on the oddest cases you will ever see! Did I tell you that he is dead? That’s right he is a living, breathing, intelligent skeleton! Stephanie, a 12-year old, who has befriened her strange Uncle Gordon who is a writer. Stephanie see herself a lot like her uncle, who is a great thinker and a loner of sorts. Uncle Gordon dies suddenly. At the reading of the will all the family is present. Brothers and sisters to Gordon get a few token things, a man,named Skulduggery Pleasant, who is covered from his head to his toes in clothing gets left a piece of advice and his entire estate goes to his niece Stephanie! Well everyone is shocked and as Stephanie spends her first few hours alone in her house she is attacked by men who are looking for a key. The mystery is on! Stephanie teams up with Skulduggery to solve the mystery and gets wrapped up into a new world filled with magic both good and bad! This would be considered a dark fantasy–it has the elements of evil creatures (skeleton) who fight for the good guys!

Check out Derek Landry’s Website for the sequels and a cool book trailer!


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