The Game of Sunken Places

The Game of Sunken Places
By M.T. Anderson
New York: Scholastic 2004
260 pages Rating: 5Quality 4Popularity

This is a dark fantasy that is intriguing and compelling.  Brian gets an invitation to his strange Uncle Max’s home for the Fall Break from school.  He is invited to stay for 2 weeks and needs to bring a friend.  Brian brings his best friend Gregory and tries to prepare him for what lies ahead with his eccentric uncle and his cousin Prudence.  Upon arriving Uncle Max seems to be living in a different century–so the boys play along wearing knickers and ties.  But while in Vermont at the Uncle’s house they find a board game in the nursery and they flip over the timer and the game begins.  What they don’t know is that they are the pawns and the game does not take place on the board.  Hold your hats for an adventure filled with trolls, ghosts and many twists and turns.  My favorite character is the Troll, Kalrash, who has a real attitude problem and a unique way of looking at the world.  The ending is sure to surprise you!


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