The Magic Thief

The Magic Theif
By Sarah Pineas

Conn is an orphaned child living off the street. He makes his way in life by picking locks and picking pockets. It is no way for a child to live–but he can hardly even remember his mother anymore and living a normal life. One night he picks the pocket of a mighty, magical wizard and his life changes forever. He wants to become an apprentice to the wizard. But could a poor street urchin become a wizard? Nevery Flinglas, the mighty wizard, has been investigating a major decrease in the amount of magic in the city of Wellmet and does not want a boy hanging around! But Conn knows that he is destined to be wizard he feels the magic is calling him–calling him to help solve the mystery. Join Conn as he tries to convince Nevery that he is worthy of the apprenticeship. A nice fantasy–that will leave you wanting a sequel!

Checkout Sarah Prineas website!


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