Hurricane by Terry Trueman                                                                                              Narrated by Ramon de Ocampo

Recorded Books

 La Rupa, is a very small town, in Honduras, where 13 year old Jose lives with his parents, two brothers and three sisters in a very modest home. Jose is left as “the man in charge” while his dad and older brother and sister head out to town to make deliveries.  It is rainy season and the storm that is hitting today starts out like most but during the late afternoon the storm intensifies and starts to cause leaks all over the house.  Electricity goes out and dad fails to return from town.   While everyone is in bed there is a series of terrible noises, a serious shaking of the house and then a very quiet calm.  Jose cannot believe the destruction that has been caused by what Jose now knows as Hurricane Mitch.  You will be drawn into this compassionate telling of what it would be like to be in the middle of a Hurricane through the eyes of a very brave thirteen old.  Jose is bilingual so you will read some Spanish words and get a feel for what it would be to like to be a child in a family who speaks all Spanish.  This fictional novel is based on a real Hurricane that did come through Honduras  in 1998.

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