The Talent Show

The Talent Show by Dan Gutman  

New York: Simon & Shuster, 2010.     

210 pages  Grades 4-7.

I am very excited about Dan Gutman coming to our Middle School to talk to all 5th and 6th graders.  He should be an awesome author as he has written well over 100 children’s books!  Since I had currently taught older students I rushed out, grabbed about 20 different titles so that my students and I could read some of his books before he gets here!

The talent show is a delightful realistic fiction book that focuses on Cape Bluff, a small Kansas town that is in tornado alley.  It gets hit by a particularly destructive tornado and as the community tries to rally they decide to have a talent show (all children acts) to replace a school library that was destroyed (librarians will love this). It was either a talent show or opening a rubble museum. In the opening chapters of the book you find where each contestant was when the tornado hit. Next, you will find out what acts might have a chance and just as you begin to root for one of them—a disaster strikes the talent show!  As the show must go on—you will never guess who wins!  Fun, entertaining quick read that will be a great read for  5tanyh or 6th grader!

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