The Adoration of Jenna Fox

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

By Mary E. Pearson

Henry Holt

Pages 266    2008      Grades 7+

 Jenna Fox seventeen the only child of Rico and Claire Fox and granddaughter of Lily.  Jenna parents and grandmother adore her—they have tons of DVD’s of birthday parties, soccer games, dance recitals to prove it.  But Jenna’s “perfect life” takes a tragic turn when she is involved in a horrific car crash in her parents car.  The story begins with Jenna waking from a year long coma with no memory.  No memory of her life as Jenna Fox or the accident.  Her parents want her to regain her memory and her old life and they supply her with the DVD’s of her life.  Jenna is desperately is trying to put pieces of her life together relearning vocabulary, relearning feelings and just how to act like a “normal” seventeen year old girl.  Her memories start to return and she is struggling with who she is, who and what she really is.  This story is about just how far parents would go to save their child and ethical issues that surround life saving measures.  It is a life and death sci-fi story.  Perhaps I am becoming a sci-fi fan? This book starts a little slow but I thought the ending was great! This is a great sci-fi alternative for girls! 

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