Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

New York: Little, Brown and Co.

Pages 322           2008      Grades 5-8

Meet teens Ally, Bree and Jack! Ally was born to a geeky family of brainy scientists, she yearns to be a model and well frankly she fits the part—quite beautiful but very shallow. Her parents just don’t understand her. Jack a slightly overweight, shy, loner, average student who just flunked science which gets him enrolled in summer school. Except, his science teacher asks him to be an assistant over the summer and gets to forgo summer school. Bree, has only really known life at Moon Shadow Campground, a simple life where she helps her parents run the campground with her brother—she loves her uncomplicated life. A single event brings them all together—a total eclipse of the sun. This once in a life time event brings all three of these teens together for a unique friendship. It is a great coming of age story where teens get to come in touch with what kind of a friend they are on the inside. Readers will get a better understanding of the great phenomena of a solar eclipse. It is a really nice realistic fiction story.

Author Website:  http://www.wendymass.com/


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