The Roar

The Roar by Emma Clayton

Chicken House Press

Pages 481    2009   Grades 5-7


This is a dystopian society novel that will appeal to the 5th -7th grade student.  Another Sci-Fi for me that gets two thumbs up!

Ellie a twelve year old twin has been captured by and taken to a space lab where she is studied like a lab rat!  She and her brother lived in London (set in the future) where the city has been walled off because of an animal plague.  Animals wiped out all people and vegetation on the other side of the wall.  London is very over populated—no room to build but up.  The poor live on the bottom in “flats” in the shadows were life really stinks (sewers) and rationing of all food and personal items.  The people who live on top “in the Golden Turrets” live much better and you sense some unrest between the two worlds.  Mikka, Ellie’s twin believes that his sister is still alive (that whole twin thing) and tries to make the best of his living condition.  Then one day the government comes up with “Fit Life” a new program for children.  You sense that government is overstepping their bounds.  Part of the Fit Program is to enter a contest for flying and arming a “PodFighter.”  Well it is more than just a game!  Fans of Ender’s Game will love this fast paced sci-fi adventure.  The end makes you want more from Emma Clayton!

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