A Dog’s Life: An Autobiography of a Stray

A  Dog’s Life By Ann Martin

New York: Scholastic, 2005.

192 page.  Grades 5-6


This is an autobiography of a stray.  Squirrel, as she was first known, was born a stray in a warm nest of burlap, on the bottom of a wheelbarrow, in an old tool shed.  She and her brother were the only two puppies of the litter to survive.  Life was good!  Mom and the two pups ate by the garbage dump each day, drank from the stream, and played by shed out of eyesight from the humans.  Her mom said they should stay away from the humans.  Then when day she just left the two pups.  Mamma dog waited until they could take care of themselves and so they did. This is a heartwarming story of a stray dog and the humans, who came in and out of her life.  You will laugh and cry when you read Ann Martin’s story, A Dog’s Life! 

 Author Website:  This a fun site just for this book  http://www.scholastic.com/dogslife/


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