Sahara Special

Sahara Special

By Esmé Raja Codell

Hyperion Books, 2003.

192 pages.  Grades 5-7.


What is so special about Sahara?  Is that she is named after a desert? Sahara has been in special education classes for a couple of years and got nicknamed that when the “regular kids “would see her in the hallway getting one on one help!  Sarah hated that nickname.  She hated that her dad left and she hated school.  Sahara was not dumb.  Sahara loved to read in fact she was a voracious reader and writer.  Momma knew she read and assumed she wrote but Sarah never shared it with anyone. Sarah really gave up on school until one day a new teacher came to her school.  Ms.Pointy. She was really weird but all the kids fell in love with her including Sahara.  Here was a teacher who could look inside each student and see what goodness lied within and what their potential could really be.  This book will have you wishing for a teacher just like this in your life.  I hope everyone has a Ms.Pointy.


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