Closed for the Season

Closed for The Season

By Mary Downing Hahn

Grades:  5-7
I am ready to go into 7th grade and my parents decide to move to some forsaken place so that dad can take a new job as the art teacher. Now I get to be the new kid but frankly it cant be any worse than my last school where I didn’t quite fit in. I am not an athlete unless you consider Chess a sport. I never quite wear the right styles or have in style hair cut so I am always out on the fringes. So maybe moving will help me, Logan Forbes fit in at this next school.

Our car pulls up next to a very run down house that has a big dog lying on the front porch. My dad can hardly believe his eyes–this doesn’t resemble a quaint Victorian cottage.

Once I step out of the car a shaggy boy steps out to meet me–I am not even sure where he came from. He says his name is Arthur Jenkins he lives next door with his Grandma. Mom and dad check out the house and I am stuck with motor mouth. He must be talking to himself talk. But when he introduces Bear, the dog the story begins to unfold. Bear use to belong to the old woman who was murdered in our new house. Great a murder and mom and dad don’t even bother to tell me.

Well I get called in to eat and now I get to confront my parents. Mom says that new boy must be exaggerating–the old woman fell down the stairs and the dog alerted the neighbors.

Although skeptical about hanging around with Arthur I am somehow drawn to him and his quest for the truth about poor old Mrs. Donaldson and the murder. Arthur takes the next couple of weeks to introduce me to all the prime suspects — I start to live a little dangerously–something I have never done before–scary and exciting.

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