Love, Aubrey

Love, Aubrey

By Suzanne LaFleur

 Grades 5-7

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Get out the tissues you are going to need them for this wonderful story of Aubrey, an eleven year old, whose once happy and carefree life gets turned upside down in one split second! Aubrey is alone but it’s okay because she is confident she can take care of herself! She buys a few groceries, buys a fish to keep her company and shuts herself into her house. Being on her own is okay for a few days, then, she becomes pretty withdrawn and depressed. Luckily, her grandmother gets tired of trying to call Aubrey and her mom and just goes over to the house. Grandma can’t believe Aubrey has been left alone and she packs her up and takes her back to her home in Vermont. Aubrey is struggling with her emotions—how can they go from a happy family of four—to just Aubrey? This is the story of Aubrey as she begins to trust again, to heal from emotional scarring and finally look toward the future. Aubrey can’t do this alone—besides her loving grandmother, she finds Bridgette, the spunky neighbor girl, Marcus the wacky kid at school and Amy the school guidance counselor all willing to help her—if she’ll let them. This is a wonderful story of healing.

Suzane LaFleur Website


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