No Passengers Beyond this Point

No Passengers Beyond this Point

By Gennifer Choldenko

Grades 5-8

Genre: Sci-Fi

 Hang on to your hats! This sci-fi novel is going to take you on a grand but scary adventure!  India, Finland and Mouse recently lost their dad but now are losing their home. Their mom has done everything to save the house but they are going to foreclose (kick them out) because mom just can’t manage the payment since dad died.  Mom has planned ahead and is going to send the kids to her brother’s house in Denver, Colorado but doesn’t tell the kids until the day before.  India, 14, knows this move will her destroy her life, Finn, 12, will have to give up his chance at making the basketball team and Mouse, 6, she is ready for a grand adventure but not ready to leave her mom behind.  Mom, a teacher, needs to finish out the school year and has bought them tickets to Denver to stay with Uncle Red.  This move is testing the fortitude of this once strong and happy family.  When the plane lands the kids find themselves in Fallen Bird not Colorado—hello Oz (Wizard of Oz).  This wacky place preys upon the children by knowing their heart desires.  Like in Oz–the kids must survive, must problem solve and must try and stay together.  Can they ever return home, will they all be together?  Better get this book and start reading.  Each child takes turns telling the story by alternating chapters—a great insight into each character!

Gennifer Choldenko Website


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