Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves

By Liam Tanner


Are your parents strict?  How would you like to be chained to your ‘blessed guardian’ all day long and chained to your bed at night until you reach the age of 16.  Then on Separation Day you get your freedom—well that was what was supposed to happen but during the Separation Ceremony in the city of Jewel,  bombs went off and chaos broke out.  Only Goldie chains had been removed—when the bombs went off they were coming back with the chains and Goldie took off.  She ran and then hid in the Museum of Dunt.  It was a very peculiar museum—while hiding out she decided to steal just a little money to help her get away when she gets caught!!!  She now is inside the museum where she meets Toadspit, another runaway.  This peculiar museum of history is actually living!


The walls, halls, floors are in motion—even some of the exhibits!


Read a sample:


Don’t miss this exciting new fantasy—just be careful if you wander in you may not be able to find your way out!



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