Second Kiss

Second Kiss:  A Novel

By Natalie Palmer

Mustang, OK:  Tate Publishing and Enterprises, 2010.

237 pages.  Grades: 6-8

Genre:  Realistic Fiction, Romance


I might just be the dumbest, stupidest 15 year old girl alive! I, Gemma Mitchell, really have a great life—I have a great mom and dad (don’t tell them I told you that), a brainiac little sister (who is a bit of pain most days), I go to a good school and I have a great best friend.  Jess Tyler—he has been my friend since 1st grade when my mom asked Jess to walk me home from school—and we have been doing it ever since.  Jess is a year older (one grade ahead of me), very good looking, funny, kind and popular.  He is everything I am not! But he is the one who knows my deepest secrets and fears—and I his.

But let’s get to the point about why I am such a loser!  I think I go around looking for ways to embarrass myself, I am socially awkward and I am naïve—that is I don’t know when I am being used and to top it off Jess went to the High School this year while I finished my last year in middle school (as a freshman). I knew it was going to be awful—I get my first kiss in a game (loser!!!), I fall in and out girlfriends and most of all I missed being walked home by Jess. We solved all the problems of the world on our walks home.  He is my knight and shining armor!  I do stupid things and he is there to bail me out—always! 

During this ninth grade year Jess’ world and my world come crashing down around us—but I am not sure if our relationship can withstand all the turmoil!  Especially I want more than just being Jess’ best friend—I think I am falling for him—how stupid would that be?  I am sure I would even lose my best friend if he knew that!  Follow my ninth grade year of daily trauma and drama in this first novel by Natalie Palmer. 

I thought this was a great love story! 🙂

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