Conspiracy 365: January

Conspiracy 365: January
By Gabrielle Lord
Tulsa, OK: Kane Miller, 2010.
185 pages Grades 5-8

I am 15 years old, live with my mom and little sister–my dad died 6 months ago. Life is just starting to get back to normal, a “new normal”. Then my life goes totally crazy when I go from a normal kid to a fugitive. Let me go back to my dad–he was researching our family in Ireland and shared with me that he had important information to share as soon as he got home. But he came down with a ‘mysterious’ virus that killed him shortly after he got back. My dad left me some drawings, some names that I now need to piece together. Finally, a wild stranger approaches me and tells me that I must hide for the next year and so I, Callum Ormond, am on the run–running for my life!

If you love action packed mysteries you will love this book! I really hate huge cliff hangers and this book has one! Guess I am going to have to get book 2.


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