Escaping Into the Night

I love to read historical fiction and Escaping into the Night is another vivid novel about the Holocaust. A frequently asked question is why did the Jews not try to escape? This novel tells the story of Halina Rudowski, a 13 year old German Jew, who had been living in a Ghetto with her mom when the Nazi’s decide to “relocate the Jews”. Her mom’s boyfriend Georg had been making plans for many of the remaining Jews to escape through hand dug underground tunnels. But as the day arrives for escape Halina’s mom and the rest of the workforce do not return from work

But Halina knows that her mom would want to her to go and she does. They break up into groups of four and they are to run for the woods. This Holocaust story based on historical events, where thousands of Jews fled to forest encampments. Halina witnessed many horrors in the Ghettos, work camps and from being on the run often hunted by the German Nazi’s.


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