Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real
By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2010.
163 pages A great read for any age!

It was time for a switch in my Summer Reading and while checking out COSCO with my daughter Kali we wandered over to my favorite section of any store the book section. Kali said I heard that book–Heaven is for Real is a really good book. So at $8.79 we bought it and I can honestly say that this book has changed me. I always believed that heaven exisited but wondered what it might be like. The Bible gives several accounts of the kindgom of Heaven, but I still can honestly say I didn’t grasp the concept of heaven until I read this book. It has given me a sense of calmness and hope. It is through eyes of a child that we can truly visualize the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the story of Colton Burpo a four year old who was misdiagnosed and had a near death experience. Colin had been sick for a couple of days and then while on a family outing became violently ill. Looking back they think that Colton’s appendix had burst some five days earlier and it wasn’t until he was transferred to a major medical center did they take him in for emergency surgery. It was difficult to read about the heartache Colton’s parents were experiencing as the final minutes before his surgery were occuring. An extremely ill child being wheeled away to surgery and making a final plea for his father to help him–this brought me to tears. The nurse in me kicked and I knew how septic this little boy must have been–that the situation was very grave. But through the trials there was triumph not only over his life threatening illness but triumph over sin.

I love the pure and vulnerable way this story is told by his father, who is a pastor, owner of a garage door business, a wrestling coach, a volunteer firefighter and most importantly a dad! He mentions several times that his family has been blessed by a gift from God not only in Colton’s life but also in Colton’s death experience and trip to heaven. Please put this book on your must read list! It has changed me!


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