The Adventures of Jack Lime

The Adventures of Jack Lime

By James Leck

Toronto:  Kids Can Press, 2010.

126 Pages

Great for grades 5-8


Encyclopedia Brown fans get ready for Jack Lime!  Jack Lime is a teenage Private Eye who is solving cases for his fellow classmates at Iona High School.  A great book for a reluctant reader because Jack solves three independent mysteries in this quick read novel.  Jack doesn’t fit in this new school so being a sleuth suits him well because he can just hang out behind the scenes virtually undetected. That is until he falls asleep on the job—he is narcoleptic—he can fall asleep at anytime, anywhere! Poor Jack falls asleep on the job, takes on a case of a victim of atomic wedgies and has to find a ransomed hamster.  Perhaps this should be titled the Misadventures of Jack Lime.  You will definitely chuckle over Jack antics and the very unique characters that James Leck has created.  A fun, quick, read! 

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