Eight Keys

Eight Keys

By Suzanne LaFleur

Hi I’m Elise welcome to my miserable life.   I am getting ready to start 6th grade at the Middle School and I was really kind of excited until the day before school starts, I was playing Knights with my very best friend, Franklin when I took a tumble down a hill (while I was defending my castle) I had scratches and scrapes that bled all over the place.  So on the first day of school when the temperature was soaring I was forbidden to wear long pants to cover up my hideous legs.  Then in my first class I set  my backpack down and it scrapes my leg and my scabs open up…(read the page that corresponds to this).  Amanda made my life miserable!  I get way behind in homework and I am in a downward spiral.  Franklin my best friend seems to make kids picking on me worse.  I go home to Aunt Bessie and Uncle Hugh who really love me but I still feel empty inside.  My mom died giving birth to me and dad died a couple years later from Cancer.  I am not really sure who I am until I find the Seven Keys.  Perhaps the first one was hanging in the barn but each one opens a secret to who I am.  Join me in the adventure of Eight Keys and my totally awful start to middle school.


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