The Emerald Atlas

The Emerald Atlas

By John Stephens

This is a first novel for John Stephens which appears to the first in a series of adventures for–four year old Kate, two year old Michael and one year old Emma.  Three children whose lives were in danger were given away one Christmas Eve by parents who were desperate to keep them safe.  Over the next ten years they were in and out of eleven horrible orphanages.  The last orphanage was different—they were the only three children there.  While there, they find  a “magic” book that allows time travel.  They accidentally go back in time and they meet a mighty wizard, a very evil countess, dwarves, a great warrior and find some magical powers that lie within themselves.  They yearn to find their parents but get only a passing glance—as they struggle to save themselves and all the children of a town that had been taken by the evil countess.  If you like Harry Potter, The Alchemyst, or Narnia—you’ll love this first book in the trilogy! 

Author Website:  Has a great book trailer!


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