The Runaway Dolls

The Runaway Dolls

By Ann Martin and Laura Godwin       

New York:  Hyperion Books, 2008.

323 pages   Grades 4-6

Genre:  Fantasy

This is the third book in The Doll People Series.  This is a delightful story of Annabelle Doll, an antique doll of sorts and her best friend, Tiffany Funcraft.  Tiffany is a large, newer, plastic doll.  They were just beginning to enjoy the time that their human family has gone away on vacation when they discover a package from Tiffany’s old doll maker.  Since the wrapping was loose, the dolls who come to life while their humans are gone, loosened the lid and out popped a doll that looked a lot like Annabelle.  Annabelle is convinced it is her long lost little sister.  Annabelle is sure that her mom will make Tilly Mae go back in the box so Annabelle, Tiffany and Tilly runaway—right out the cat door.  That is when the adventures begin!  They get so far away from home it looks like they might get split up and have new owners—read the final book in The Doll People Story!  It is a delightful read!

 Great for 5th and 6th graders!!

Ann Martin website


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