One Dog and His Boy

By Eva Ibbotson

New York: Scholastic Press, 2011.

282 pages Grades 4-7

Genre:  Realistic Fiction


How far would a boy go for his dog?  If you said to the ends of the earth you would be talking about Hal.  All he ever wanted was a dog.  Hal was an only child, whose parents were very wealthy—dad traveled around the world making money while mom stayed at home finding ways to spend it.  Both were preoccupied with things other than their son, Hal.  Since Hal’s dad had forgotten to get him a present for his birthday, he promised to take Hal down and let him pick out a dog.  What Hal didn’t know was that the dad had rented the dog for the weekend.  Rented the DOG!  While Hal was at a Dentist appointment his mom returned the dog as she would never let him have a dog for it would ruin their luxurious home.  Hal was devastated.  He planned to runaway to his grandparents home and got some help along the way from a girl named Pippa.  Eva Ibbotson, the author does a fabulous job developing all the characters in this book:  the snobbish parents, the kind maid, animal loving Pippa and Kayley, the dastardly pair who run “Easy Pets” Dog Rental, Fleck the mutt who falls in love with Hal and the five dogs who run off with Hal and Fleck.  Move over Incredible Journey and Homeward Bound, One Dog and His Boy will have you cheering in this wonderful adventure of a boy and his dog!



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