By Aprilynne Pike

New York: HarperTeen, 2010.

Grades 6 and Up.  359 Pages


This is the second book in the Wings series.  It is as delightful as author herself!  I met Ms. Pike just after her first book came out!  She is was very down-to-earth and easy going.  My students loved her!


In this book Laurel starts off by spending the summer in Avalon, the faerie realm.  She needs to go there to have very concentrated faerie studies as living in the human world she has missed out on much.  Ms. Pike does a great job describing all the different faeries and the world of Avalon in this book.  While in Avalon, Laurel spends some time getting to know Tamani and his family.  Just when you think this relationship might be going somewhere. . . back to the real world and her boyfriend David.  Laurel continues to practice her potions because she knows that she is going to need some defense against those nasty trolls who want to capture her and have her reveal the gates of Avalon.  No one is safe—not her family or friends.  A new character is added in this book—a human who is after the evil trolls.  Laurel is not sure she can be trusted but David buys into her hook line and sinker!  There are a couple of kisses in this book—but by who?  Who is Laurel really true to?  I am ready to take on book 3 Spells


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