Scorpia Rising

The Final Mission Alex Rider Scorpia Rising!

By Anthony Horowitz

One word describes this book—INTENSE!  No more mister nice guy!  Alex one the youngest spies ever in MI6, the British Spy Organization has now turned 15. He and Jac Starbright, his adult caretaker have settled down in London and Alex has decided no more spying. Spying killed both of his parents and frankly he was done with it. 

Alex is enjoying a “boring” no disaster life as just a regular high school student.  Then out of the blue Alex notices a man on the rooftop across from the school and in a split second realizes that he is the target of the sniper. Chaos breaks out! Alex now needs to go underground to just stay alive.  MI6 “helps” him by enrolling Alex into an International School in Cairo, Egypt.  Unbeknownst to Alex the agency needed him again—needed him in a big way and Cairo International School was at the center of it.  Scorpia the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization was planning to steal the Elgin Marbles from Britain and return them to Greece.  The plan also incorporated taking out Alex Rider—he had foiled and even killed a couple of Scorpia members.  It was time for revenge! 

The terrorist characters are intense and the most dangerous enemy Alex will ever fight.  After all he is just a boy—he hardly stands a chance against men who have been terrorists all their lives.  Remember this is the final mission!

I loved this book but I actually put it down because I was really bored in the first 6 or 7 chapters—they didn’t event contain Alex!  Author Anthony Horowitz spent a lot of time carefully depicting each of the Scorpia terrorists. Razeem—he really sent chills up and down my spine!  Nightmares in fact!  I discovered later it was important to be in their heads as the plot was rolled out.  Midway through the book I couldn’t put it down!  The final chapters were thrillers!  This is a must read—I read the first and last ones only.  A good choice!

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