Chomp By Carl Hiaasen

New York:  Alfred Knopf, 2012

200 pages.  Grades 5-7

Who names their kid Wahoo?  Well that is my name!  Dad named me after a professional wrestler—it also is the name of a saltwater fish.  Summer is here and I am in for a hard one–since the iguana froze fell out of the tree and gave my dad a concussion with reoccurring migranes I have to take care of all of the animals!  My dad is an animal wrangler—he collects animals that are hurt nurses them back to health and we sometimes release them back to the wild but often they are ours for the duration.  The animals are often used in movies and television shows like the survival show of Derek Badger.  In this reality show Derek will do anything to survive—he is so awesome.  At  least that is what I thought until he came to film down in our everglades!  He has a stunt double and doesn’t really eat cockroaches.  But he is crazy!  Crazy stupid that is—he needed footage with an Alligator, so we got Alice ready to go.  Since she was not lively enough he decided to get on her back and wrestle with her in the water!  Can you say MISTAKE?  Even a tame, wild animal will not stand such foolishness—thus we get the name of my book Chomp!  Read this hilarious, yet serious book about the everglades, child abuse and finding out who we really are on the inside.  Carl Hiaasen does not disappoint!  6/8/12


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