Lemonade War

Lemonade War
By Jacqueline Davies

Grades 3-6

This is a book which uncovers sibling rivalry at it’s best or is that it’s worst?  Evan was getting excited about going to Fourth Grade until he finds out that his younger sister, Jessie, is going to skip a grade and be in his class!  His brainiac math sister will surely show him up on a daily basis because Evan, is just an average student.  Instead of talking about this sticky issue and what it means to him, he lets it fester into not playing or talking to his sister.  Now their joint Lemonade Stand becomes to separate ones as they wage “lemonade war” to raise $100.00 first.  It starts of innocently enough but then they each resort to some really terrible tactics in order to get the upper hand!  You will root for Evan as he struggles with some Lemonade Math Problems and laugh with 8 year old Jessie as she applies her mother’s top 10 winning marketing strategies for a successful business.  Will they ever be able to have a civil relationship again?

Author Website:  Jacqueline Davies


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