By Gordon Korman

New York: Scholastic, 2009.

Pages 230.  Grades: 5-7.

Ben and Griffin are back in Gordon Korman’s next installment of fun!  This time Savannah Drysdale’s monkey, Cleo, has gone missing and there are no real clues other than a banana peel. Poor Savannah is distraught until her class takes a field trip to the “Floating Zoo” that is docked in town.  There Savannah identifies her monkey as the one that Mr. Nastase has in his Zoo!  Savannah enlists the help of her friends—especially Griffin Bing as he is the “man with a plan” the kind of the–go to kid in town!!  The plan is to get into town, find a boat to take them out to the floating zoo, and break out the monkey. Easy right?  All goes well until someone decides that none of the animals should be left to the evil zookeeper!  Don’t miss this funny adventure!

Author Website:  Gordon Korman 


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