Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!

Middle School:  Get Me Out of Here!

By James Patterson and Chris Tebbets

Rafe Khatchadorian, in his first book, lived through his first year in middle school–just barely.  He got bullied, made one–kind of friend, went on a great “mission” of trying to break every school rule on the books and was suspended at the end of the school year!  Might sounnd really awful but his “mission book” got the attention of one of his teachers who actually got him into an art school–that “break every rule mission book” was full of wonderful drawings.  This is where we pick up the story in Patterson’s second story of Rafe’ss adventures in middle school.

Rafe is all ready to start Art School when mom’s diner burns down and she loses her job as a waitress–what bad  timing! With no rent money and definitely no money for art school  Mom moves Rafe and his sister to the big city to  live with grandma.  Now Rafe is destined for another new public middle school when his teacher from the last school gets him into the “public art school” in the city.  Although, a new school Rafe feels confident he will fit in much better here–wrong!  These art students are super smart, very artisitic and not very accepting of others.  Rafe again relies on “silent Leo,” sets up “Mission–Get a Life” this time to not only have great new experiences but to try and stay in school so that he doesn’t put any more pressure on his mom.  So hang on to your hats as you ride the roller coaster experiences of being the new kid in middle school–again!

Author Website: For Kids–ReadKiddoRead  and James Pattersons Website


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