As Simple As It Seems

As Simple As It Seems

By Sarah Weeks

New York:  Harper Collins, 2010.

192 pages.  Grades 4-6.


Sometimes it is refreshing to read a really nice story. Sarah Week’s, writing is similar to that  Patricia Giff, Wendy Mass and Ann Martin–she builds memorable characters–like Verbena and then you find you do not want the story to end. 

Verbena  Colter, an eleven year old,  is struggling with who she is.  Her world is shattered when she loses her best friend and she finds out that she is adopted! Verbena struggles with how can that be since her mom and dad love her.  She feels her parents have deceived her by keeping the adoption a secret and by knowing that her real parents are her alcoholic aunt and her Uncle who is in prison for killing someone.  Well for Verbena, she thinks that explains a lot—why she struggles in school and why she is mean.  As Verbena is struggling with her identity she lashes out at her loving parents and becomes depressed until  someone new stumbles into her world–Pooch.  He is renting the house next to Verbena’s while his mom “recovers” from her facelift.  Verbena and Pooch couldn’t be more different—he is from the New York City, allergic to everything from sun to nuts, his mom is on boyfriend number three and Verbena from the mountains, a pure county girl, physically healthy and loving protective parents. What they had in common—they each needed someone that summer!

Don’t miss this is story of forgiveness, finding your inner strength and unconditional love.

Author Website:  Sarah Weeks

Reads Like:  Ann Martin, Patricia Giff and Wendy Mass Books



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