Darth Paper Stikes Back

Darth Paper Strikes Back:  An Origami Yoda Book

By Tom Angleberer

New York:  Amulet Books, 2011.

159 p. Grades 4-6.  Great for Reluctant Readers!

Middle school are a few tough years of anyone’s life but for Dwight, who was already a little weird, 7th grade became impossible!!  This is the second book in the Origami Yoda series and middle school boys will love this book!  It has all the awkward moments, silly boys stunts and cites many Star Wars famous quotes—what more could any boy want.

In the first book you meet Dwight, who made an origami puppet of Yoda.  This puppet gave very practical advice and was even able to predict pop quizzes!  Yoda became very popular—Dwight not so much!

Now in the second installment, a new boy named Harvey enters McQuarrie Middle School and he has a Darth Vader Origami Puppet.  Here comes the dark side of advice!  In fact Harvey has a hand in getting Dwight kicked out of school—can anyone help Dwight?  Well Dwight’s friends try to build a case to keep their friend, and good advice giving Yoda in school.  This book presents the case files—good luck!


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