Someone Named Eva

Someone Named Eva

By Joan M. Wolf

New York:  Clarion Books, 2007.

200 pages Grades 6-8

 Milada, an eleven year old Czechoslovakian girl, during World War II, who finds her life turn upside down when the Nazi German soldiers come in the middle of the night and “relocate” her family.  This historical fiction is an excellent depiction of how the Nazi Germans separated families, how they looked for the super race and how they “brain washed” the children.  This story of Milada, given the German name Eva, is the story of how she has been chosen as a good candidate for Germanization—looks like the ideal blue-eyed, blond German.  As she is separated from her family, her grandmother says, “always remember who you are and where you come from.”  At eleven years old that seemed to be a strange comment to make until Eva comes to understand how brain washing is making her to forget her “old life.”  You won’t soon forget this moving story!

 It would great to pair up with: A Boy in Striped Pajamas and The Hitler Youth Movement.

Author Website:  Joan M. Wolf


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