By Jacqueline Woodson

New York: G.P. Putnam & Sons, 2003

100 Pages           Grades 5-8

A little old, with the new.  I love to blog about new books but sometimes it is good to go back and read some authors that I have missed along the way, like Jacqueline Woodson.  This book is written in free verse poetry.  No rhymes, no meter use just the rhythm of spoken words.  I think free verse books read like a journal—they often show deep thoughts and feelings of the writer.  Lonnie Collins Motion, known as Locomotion, lost his parents at the age of seven, which left him and his little sister homeless and in the foster care system.  Lucky for Locomotion, one of his teachers takes an interest in him and introduces him to poetry. Poetry gives Locomotion’s thoughts and feelings a voice.  Read the book Locomotion, and get an inside look at the importance of family, importance of belonging and the importance of being able to give your life story a strong and steady voice! Enjoy!  Great for reluctant readers.

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