A Thousand Never Evers

A Thousand Never Evers

By Shana Burg

Read by Kenya Brome 


This is a first novel for Shana Burg—and what a great book! Her father was a lawyer in the Civil Rights Movement much like David Greenburg, who wrote the novel A Tugging String.  Both fathers represented African Americans during a time of racial turmoil.  I highly recommend this historical fiction book for not only giving a great portrayal of the times but for building compassion, courage and the finding of one’s voice.  Addie Ann Pickett lived in the “Negro” part of town where the electricity was off, where she had long walks to the “Negro” middle school and where most of their jobs were serving the “white” people.  Addie Ann from Mississippi, was  experiencing the civil rights movement at a distance—the church bombing in Alabama, the trial and lynching of Emmett Till and assassination of Medgar Evers a WWII veteran. Then one day the tides turn and both her brother and her uncle get unjustly accused, Addie experiences the KKK first hand and she decides to stand up for her rights as an American.  This book will move the reader to a new level of understanding of this tumultuous time in history. 

Read the Tugging String for another look into the peaceful protests of the civil rights movements.

Author Website:  Shana Burg


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