By Morris Gleitzman

New York:  Bolinda, 2005. (Audio)ONCE

New York:  Squarefish, 2005.

Everybody deserves to have something good in their life. At least once.  This line could be repeated over and over in this sad but powerful retelling of one boy’s struggle during the holocaust.   Felix, a 12 year old has been placed in a Catholic orphanage, in the country, for safe keeping by his parents.  Although the orphanage is very poor it has kept its children shielded from the horrors of war and the holocaust.  Felix decides that it is time to find his parents and escapes from the orphanage into a world he does not recognize; soldiers who kill men, women and children for no apparent reason.  Come along on Felix’s journey as he looks for his parents and experiences the holocaust first hand.

I listened to this book on CD read by the author Morris Gleitzman which added to the power of the story as it unfolded.

 The ending left me hanging so I immediately looked up the author and sure enough there are sequels.  The next book is Then and the final book is Now.


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